Patton Trask loaded a 20 mm magazine into his rifle, aimed, and fired three shots into the three small windows in the imposing, rectangular prison in front of him. Three men fell down, one decapitated by the massive bullet, one had his head explode, and the third was missing the left half of his torso.

Never pretty, these things.

Cycling through the detection modes on his rifle, he spots the cell block of men he was supposed to free. Ejecting the 20 mm mag, he twists the handle up to engage bolt-action mode. He dials the caliber up to 30 mm, and loads the appropriate mag. Firing quickly, he busts open all the cell doors.

Goddamn, I love the anti-materiel rounds in this thing.

He places two more shots into the front gate, busting it open.

I've been here too long

Snapping out the mag, he quickly disassembles his gun and places it in his carrying case. Hurrying out of the room, he exits the building. Standing right in front of it was a man in a suit and sunglasses. Patton drops the case and pulls out his revolver, pointing it directly at the man's head.

"The only people who dress like that are those trying to look legal, but have seen way too many movies. Who are you and what do you want?"

"You don't need that revolver. I am simply here with an offer," the man says. Patton steps back, not lowering the revolver.

"Make your offer."

The man opens his suit jacket and pulls out a small envelope. On the front was a small note:

You can trust this guy, Patton. I think the job may be to your liking. -Lloyd

Sighing, Patton puts away his revolver and takes the envelope. Scanning it quickly, he first notices the reward, and then the target. A grin slowly spreads across his face.

"Oh, this will be a pleasure."